Welcome to the Magnetic & Medical Robotics Lab in the Robotics Center and Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Utah! Many of our projects incorporate magnetic technologies in robotics, with a large focus on the use of magnetic fields to dexterously manipulate objects without any physical contact. Many of our projects consider medical applications of robotics, including both surgery/therapy and rehabilitation/assistance. Some of our projects consider a human operator as a physical element of the control loop, which is a topic referred to as "haptics". Many of our projects combine two or more of these themes.


  • Magnetically actuated medical robots, including capsule endoscopes, steerable needles, cochlear implants, and microrobots
  • Head-mounted teleoperated eye-surgery robots
  • Magnetic manipulation of conductive nonmagnetic objects, with application in the remediation of space debris
  • Robotic actuators that incorporate novel magnetic technology
  • Magnetic haptic interfaces